Dr. Glenn Livingston

by Joe Mudd on May 16, 2011

Dr. Glenn Livingston PhD

Dr. Glenn Livingston is a scientific marketing expert. He's worked for some of the largest companies on the planet.

This is another of my Gurus You Don’t Know series.

Dr. Glenn Livingston is a psychologist and a true marketing guru. Yet, you may have never heard of him.

Dr. Livingston seldom promotes those big product launches – you know, the ones that fill your email box everyday.

Who Is Dr. Glenn Livingston?

Dr. Livingston holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.  Prior to 2001, Dr. Glenn Livingston ran a large clinical practice in Syosset, NY, specializing in work with couples and adolescents.

He’s been a marketing psychologist for more than 22 years. He’s worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. These include:

  • A T & T
  • American Express
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Burger King
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • Exxon
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Mills
  • Kodak
  • M & M/Mar
  • Master Card
  • Sara Lee
  • Nextel
  • And many more…

He’s a super ninja expert on PPC advertising. He knows Adwords like few people do. He also started his own advertising agency, Rocket Clicks, to help small business owners use PPC ads to grow their business.

Dr. Livingstone give out a lot of free cheat sheets, mp3′s, and videos here.

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