Deja Vu All Over Again and Stuff.

by Joe Mudd on February 19, 2009

In today’s post on Copyblogger by Demian Farnworth titled What a Cocky CEO Can Teach You About World-Class Blogging the guiding principles of former GE CEO Jack Welch are explored.

I used to work for Jack. No, he didn’t know I worked for him – but I did – at a small plastics plant.

This is going to come as a shock to you young folk, particularly you Obamians. You folks that have fallen for the nonsense about this being the second coming of the Great Depression. Get some history books already. This ain’t the Great Depression. Doesn’t come close.

For all of you that believe “we’ve never seen anything like this.” I have one thing to say…

Horse crap.

We saw it back in the 80′s. When Jack Welch was my boss.

Jobs were flying away faster than the snow flakes blasting past on the wind outside my window.

I remember  meetings featuring videos of Mr. Welch telling us how we had to be #1 or #2 in a market or we’d be shown the door.  He didn’t win many fans among the little people.

Times were tense. Uncertain. Scary.

But he made GE one of the top companies on the planet.

It’s all about focus. Concentrate on what you can win at and shit can the rest.

And that’s where most of us little people bloggers/Internet Marketers fall on our faces. Yes, I’m raising my hand as guilty here.

There are all kinds of programs and ideas. They all sound good. They’re interesting. You try to follow them all.

But you can’t.

It’s just too much stuff. You need focus.

That’s one reason I joined Brad Semp’s Cashmap Certified Developer program.  By being in this program, I am forced to focus and work on just one project. There is accountability to Brad and his team. Doing a good job has promised monetary rewards – that’s inspiration.

It’s just one way to reduce the mental noise and clutter.

Are there ways you get focused and reduce the noise?

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