I’m Back!

Welcome to the rebirth of this site.

I’ve been following the make money online world for a long time. I’ve built many websites. I have a bunch of domain names. 

I’ve had this particular domain for years and used to have a website for it. There was plenty of content there. Mostly I wrote detailed product reviews, with my affiliate links scattered around in the articles.

I made a few affiliate commissions, but not much. Not bad though, because I did absolutely nothing to promote the site, so it was really like a free gift.

One year, as Christmas was approaching, money was really tight for us. I had several sites on a HostGator reseller hosting account. I bought Christmas gifts for my kids instead of renewing my hosting account. Kids gotta have toys, you know.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to save all those articles I’d worked so hard to write. HostGator blew them into digital dust along with my site.


Like that famous moth, that couldn’t stay away from the flame, I keep getting drawn towards the internet marketing world. It’s just so interesting. There are so many areas of profit to try out.

I’m retired now and need something to occupy my mind. So, I’m going to light this thing back up and have some fun.

The last time I ran this place I spent lots of time finessing the writing, making graphics, either with my camera or making screen shots and getting all the formatting just so. Only after all that, would I publish anything.

All the gurus say, “Money loves speed.” 

This time I’m going to publish first, and massage the content later.

There will be a minimum of editing at first. If I use PLR content as the base for an article, I’ll do very little to change it before I publish it. Most people put images on all their articles these days. Unless they’re need for the post to make sense, that will wait until later.

I’ll come back and make things pretty later. I want content on here as quickly as possible. 

The same goes for the site theme. I’m using a fast, but basic theme to start out. I’ve made just a few refinements so far. I’ll gradually change it as we go along. The content is more important. 

I’ll share what I’ve learned in the past, and what I learn going forward. 

So let’s get this show on the road.