So you decided to start an online business. You did research for days to pick out just the right niche. Then you grabbed a domain name and got your website hosting lined up. Maybe you spent days picking a WordPress theme and tweaking it to get just the right look.


Now you need to figure out what business model you want to use to earn money from your efforts.

There are many business models you can choose, but you may want to start with one of the five most common ones – [continue reading…]

Using Your Skills as a Service Provider

Most of the business models we’ll look at on this site take some time to start generating cash.

If you need money now, if you feel the walls closing in on you, providing some sort of service may be where you should start. [continue reading…]

What Is A Target Audience & How Do You Define Yours

The term target audience may seem confusing at first, but it is a crucial part of business development. Knowing who you want to engage or sell to is a cornerstone of the foundation upon which you are building your business.

A target audience is the thinnest slice of the market that you can focus on, from which all of your marketing decisions are based. This audience is the focal point of your decisions, making sure that your efforts are tailor-made to find them and draw them in. Read More, and hit the bull’s eye

Welcome to the rebirth of this site.

I’ve been following the make money online world for a long time. I’ve built many websites. I have a bunch of domain names. 

I’ve had this particular domain for years and used to have a website for it. There was plenty of content there. Mostly I wrote detailed product reviews, with my affiliate links scattered around in the articles. [continue reading…]